Виступ Урядової уповноваженої України з питань гендерної політики Катерини Левченко на засіданні Виконавчої ради "ООН-Жінки"

Виступ Урядової уповноваженої України з питань гендерної політики Катерини Левченко на засіданні Виконавчої ради "ООН-Жінки"

Madam President, dear colleagues.

Ukraine aligns itself with the joint statement delivered by Ms. Cait Moran, Deputy Permanent Representative of Ireland on behalf of WEOG and other member states and joins in welcoming the UN Women report submitted by Madame Sima Sami Bahous.

As a representative of Ukraine, I would like to add a few comments.

Madame President,

Ukraine continues to contend with the war being waged by Russia against our people and national existence. We are deeply concerned about the setbacks our country is facing because of the destruction and dislocation Russia has unleashed upon Ukraine, a situation that has particularly devastating consequences for women and children.

Seven million remain displaced by the violence, five million have fled to safety across Ukraine’s borders. Their vulnerable situation puts them at risk for trafficking and various forms of violence and exploitation.

We support efforts to ensure in country cooperation so that the resident coordinator and humanitarian coordinator be able to work effectively with dedicated gender advisors. Our current experience has made it clear to us that the gender dimension of humanitarian assistance is critically important.

Ukraine appreciates the work of UN Women as Secretariat for the Security Council Informal Expert Group (IEG) on Women Peace and Security. Here I wish to inform this body that, on May 3rd, Ukraine signed a memorandum with the United Nations identifying areas of cooperation that will be included in Ukraine’s updated national action plan for 1325.

I wish to emphasize that the restoration process needs to ensure gender equality, and accessibility requirements, taking into account gender perspective, which could be assured through the engagement of respective experts.

We will continue to support you, Madam Executive Director, in all efforts to implement the Strategic Plan across the region as well as in Ukraine but Ukraine needs more help.

I wish to emphasize that Ukraine understands the importance of gender equality and security from gender-based violence, and am very pleased to announce that yesterday we ratified the Istanbul Convention.

I also wish to take this opportunity to close with congratulations to all women diplomates who now have an International Day of Women Diplomats recognizing their contributions to the future of our world.

Thank you.