Виступ делегації України під час пленарного засідання ГА ООН щодо пріоритетів Голови 76-ї сесії на її поновленій частині

Виступ делегації України під час пленарного засідання ГА ООН щодо пріоритетів Голови 76-ї сесії на її поновленій частині

Mr. President

I would like to express our sincere congratulations with your successful Presidency during the main part of the 76th session of the General Assembly.

We applaud your extensive diplomatic experience, leadership and knowledge that were instrumental in General Assembly’s addressing agenda items in the conditions of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. I would like to particularly refer to those discussions and decisions aimed at ensuring international peace and security, as well restoring respect to the fundamental principles of the UN Charter.

Ukraine reiterates its support of your efforts to promote “the five rays of hope”, as you have called the set of your priorities – from COVID-19 recovery, addressing the issues of sustainability and the needs of planet, respecting the rights of all and revitalizing the UN.

We firmly believe that implementation of these ambitious tasks could only be successful if fundamental principles of international law, in particular those related to sovereignty and territorial integrity as well as inviolability of borders and non-use of force, are fully respected.

In a month we will mark the 8th anniversary of the Russian aggression against my country with a debate in the General Assembly on the situation in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine. It is a matter of alarm that instead of following the calls of the international community, Russia has opted for increasing military threats and insecurity.

Over a 100 hundred thousand-strong force of Russia is brandishing arms on Ukraine’s borders. Russia continues militarization of the temporarily occupied Crimean peninsula, the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov, and keeps violating ceasefire in Donbas. Under these circumstances Russian attempts to present itself as a “victim” in need of “security guarantees” appear to be extremely cynical.

Russia's categorical demands cannot be accepted. Ukraine as an independent European state has its inherent sovereign right to choose its own security arrangements. The starting point towards any discussion on security guarantees in the Euro-Atlantic region must begin with Russia deescalating the security situation on Ukraine’s borders and withdrawing from Donbas and Crimea.

Now my country is in danger and so is the entire regional security. We encourage you, Mr.President, to ensure that the General Assembly makes full use of its mandate on questions relating to the maintenance of international peace and security to avoid the worst-case scenario.

It will be essential for the hopes, that you refer to in the motto of your Presidency, to be translated into reality.

Thank you, Mr.President