Explore Ukraine online through its brand new official website UKRAINE.UA

Today Ukraine has got its official website UKRAINE.UA. With this modern digital platform, we want to tell a creative and inspiring story about Ukraine for the foreign visitors. Here everyone can get their first impression of the country and make a decision to come here to study, invest or travel.

Ukraine has a unique history, rich culture and diverse landscape. It will definitely exceed your expectations. It is a creative, dynamic and innovative country. A country of freedom and dignity. A place where a thousand-year history and ambitious visions of the future meet.

UKRAINE.UA visitors will enjoy its lightly written and witty texts, as well as lots of beautiful and high-quality images of Ukraine, showing its diverse nature, old castles, mountains, vibrant cities and more. Millions of people over the globe will now be able to get acquainted and fall in love with Ukraine at first sight.

Be the first one to discover Ukraine! The COVID-19 pandemic times will be over one day. This will be the day to visit Ukraine and enjoy all it has to give. For now, get an online taste of it at our new online portal, UKRAINE.UA.