Statement by Minister for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba at the UNSC Ministerial Open Debate on 20th anniversary of Security Council Resolution 1373 (2001)

Statement by Minister for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba at the UNSC Ministerial Open Debate on 20th anniversary of Security Council Resolution 1373 (2001)

Mr. President,

Distinguished colleagues,

I thank the Tunisian Presidency for organizing today`s debate on resolution 1373 (2001) – a historical decision of the Council which set up the necessary framework for a global response to international terrorism.

Almost 20 years ago, the tragic day of 9/11 shocked the conscience of humanity and left a deep scar on the lives of millions of people. Let me recall, that back in 2001, on September 12 Ukraine, a non-permanent member of the Council at the time, stated - “the magnitude of yesterday`s acts goes beyond terrorism as we have known it so far… new definitions, terms and strategies have to be developed for the new realities”.

After adoption of the resolution and subsequent establishment of the Counter Terrorism Committee (CTC) with its Executive Directorate the fight against terrorism has become a key priority of the United Nations. We welcome the central role of the CTC in overseeing and assisting countries in the implementation of the specific counterterrorism measures established by the Security Council, monitoring the compliance with the respective norms and promoting international cooperation in this field.

Ukraine has always been among those who actively supported international efforts, including by this Council, aimed at eradication of terrorism in all its forms and manifestations.

During the past decades a number of important achievements were made with a view to advance new counter-terrorism standards as well as to further amplify international response to both existing and emerging terrorist threats. The momentum was taken to focus additionally and to introduce more nuanced approach in the areas of combating financing of terrorism, depriving terrorists of weapons supplies, preventing violent extremism, returning of FTFs from conflict zones, suppressing the terrorist propaganda, strengthening aviation security, enhancing coordination and coherence among UN entities to name a few. I am proud to mention Ukraine`s contribution in this area. On our initiative the Council adopted resolution 2341 (2017), the first ever resolution on protection of critical infrastructure from terrorist attacks.

Regrettably, despite these efforts, hostilities don’t cease. Neither on the ground nor in the cyber space. Up to date we are witnessing terrorist attacks in different parts of the world causing huge number of deaths and casualties, disrupt significantly the functioning of societies, wreak havoc and fear. While the world faces multiple challenges including COVID-19 pandemic, terrorism continues to threaten our core values and principles, including human rights, the rule of law, democracy, equal opportunity and freedom. We are affected by more sophisticated methods and tactics by terrorists and their sponsors.

Unfortunately, Ukraine knows too well how evil terrorism can be. Russian armed aggression against Ukraine and its blatant violation of norms and principles of international lawin the Donbas and Crimea has led to multiple terrorist acts over more than six years of its course.

Therefore, resolute commitment and mobilized actions of the entire international community are necessary to deal with rampant threats, posed by international terrorism.

Ukraine remains fully committed to fighting against terrorism and violent extremism.

Any act of terrorism is unjustifiable and shall be punished.

We shouldn’t close our eyes to a UN Security Council Member silencing human rights defenders, civic activists and journalists in the occupied Crimea under the guise of counter-terrorism measures or terrorizing civic population in the Donbas, eastern Ukraine.

Combatting activities of individual terrorists and terrorist groups will not be sufficient if the problem of state-sponsored terrorism is not addressed in a robust and comprehensive way.

It is our task to ensure that all perpetrators, organizers, mentors and sponsors of terrorism are brought to justice.

I thank you.