Commemoration evening dedicated to Babyn Yar Massacres at UN on October 13, 2016

Commemoration evening dedicated to Babyn Yar Massacres at UN on October 13, 2016

This year, the world commemorates an important historical event — the 75th anniversary of the Babyn Yar tragedy, a massacre that took lives up to 150 thousand people in occupied Kyiv, perpetrated by the Nazi regime.

The Permanent Mission of Ukraine to the UN, together with the Permanent Missions of Israel and the United States, is planning to organize a commemoration evening dedicated to the 75th anniversary of this tragedy. The event will start at 6.30 p.m., October 13th, and will be held in the the Trusteeship Council Chamber.

The Babyn Yar, a ravine in the north-western part of Ukraine’s capital, became the site of the most notorious mass execution and burial of Ukrainians, Jews, Roma, prisoners of war, vulnerable groupsand many other innocent people, who were wiped out by the Nazi regime during the years 1941–1943. The Babyn Yar is a symbol of the global tragedy of genocide that is a painful historical memory for the entire Ukrainian nation. It is also associated with the crimes against humanity of the Holocaust in Europe, when millions of human beings were killed just because they belonged to a particular nation. By commemorating this day, we express our solidarity with the victims, and offer a warning for future generations about the dangers of hatred, fanaticism, racism and intolerance in a multinational society.

The event will include:

1. A moment of silence. During this pause, we will watch a power point presentation with the photos of victims of the Babyn Yar tragedy.

2. A short address of the President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko (recorded video message).

3. Speeches by the Permanent Representatives of Ukraine, Israel and the United States, as well as survivors of Babyn Yar.

4. A classical music concert with the participation of renowned Ukrainian musicians, conductor and orchestra;

5. A candle lighting ceremony.