Виступ Постійного представника України при ООН Сергія Кислиці на засіданні РБ ООН щодо ситуації на Запорізькій АЕС

Виступ Постійного представника України при ООН Сергія Кислиці на засіданні РБ ООН щодо ситуації на Запорізькій АЕС

Mr. President, distinguished members of the Security Council,

I also recognize here the representative of terrorist state of russia in the permanent seat of the Soviet Union.

I thank Secretary-General for his participation in today’s meeting.

I would like to thank the IAEA Director-General Rafael Grossi for his informative briefing.

It is a matter of regret that russia has again attempted to misuse the Security Council toolbox for diverting the attention of the international community from the urgent need to demilitarize and de-occupy the Ukrainian nuclear facility that russians have turned into a military base.

It is interesting indeed to observe in this Chamber how the russian envoy whines that he has not had time to properly study the released report of the IAEA, as if it was not russia itself that called in such an urgent manner this meeting.

May I suggest that the only thing that explain this russian bustle is an attempt to exercise pressure on Director General Grossi and his team while they were still drafting the report.

And when this plan failed due to 24/7 work of the IAEA and due to the fact that the report has been issued today before the meeting the Russian envoy desperately has tried to manipulate with the report that as he himself admitted he did not have time to study.

My piece of advice, or rather two pieces of advice to the russian envoy:

1) Next time be patient, do not bustle unless it is about the withdrawal of the Russian army from Ukraine.

2) Do not put words in my government’s mouth.

It’s my role to speak on behalf of my Government in this Chamber, and it will never be yours.

Mr. President,

Against the background of increased security threats following the occupation of Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant, Ukraine has clearly demonstrated its readiness to explore every option to neutralize a nuclear risk and avert horrific consequences. Following numerous violations of all nuclear safety and security pillars by the occupiers, in early August the Ukrainian leadership officially requested to conduct the IAEA-led international mission at the ZNPP with an option to establish its permanent presence at the site until the competent Ukrainian authorities regain full control over this facility.

Despite various russian provocations on the mission`s way to the ZNPP Ukraine exerted every effort to ensure the mission take place as soon as possible and in a safe way.

The preparation of the visit and ensuing developments have revealed that the occupying power is willing to further engage in nuclear terrorism and spare no effort to misuse the IAEA for manipulative purposes.

Ukraine appreciates bravery and professionalism of the IAEA mission’s experts. However, the visit was the first step only. The ZNPP remains under the occupation, the russian military equipment and weapons are still deployed at the site, armed provocations continue, the illegally present “rosatom” representatives still interfere in the technological process of the plant`s management.

The only way to ultimately remove the nuclear threats stemming from the illegal russian presence at the plant is the withdrawal of the russian weaponry and troops and the return of the station to the legitimate full control of Ukraine. This is a key prerequisite for restoring not only nuclear safety and security but also respect to international law.

As follows from the report of the IAEA mission russian military occupation has seriously affected the safety and security as [I quote]Ukrainian staff operating the plant under Russian military occupation are under constant high stress and pressure… This is not sustainable and could lead to increased human error with implications for nuclear safety”.

We are concerned that the Ukrainian staff works in the conditions of threats and pressure by russians. We fully share the provision of the report that [I quote]it is essential that the Ukrainian staff operating the plant under Russian occupation must be able to carry out their important duties without threats or pressure undermining not only their own safety but also that of the facility itself”.

During the previous meetings of the Security Council the delegation of Ukraine drew attention to the russian practice to use the ZNPP as a shield for its personnel and hardware. Now our information has been verified by the IAEA.

Let me quote the report: “The team observed the presence of russian military personnel, vehicles and equipment at various places at the ZNPP, including several military trucks on the ground floor of the Unit 1 and Unit 2 turbine halls and military vehicles stationed under the overpass connecting the reactor units. The team also observed the presence of an expert group from rosenergoatom”.

It is another important consideration by the IAEA in the report, that [I quote]the presence of Rosatom senior technical staff could lead to interference with the normal lines of operational command and create potential frictions when it comes to decision-making”.

The delegation of Ukraine, like the IAEA mission, finds that the efforts made by the operating personnel [I quote]are being taken under very challenging circumstances with military personnel and equipment as well as representatives of rosatom being present on the site”. We call on russia to implement the report’s recommendation on their removal.

Distinguished members of the Security Council,

The issue that is currently under discussion – the continuous presence of the IAEA at the ZNPP, the idea, I remind, put forward by Ukraine. The Ukrainian side stands ready to further discuss specific modalities of such presence with the IAEA.

A currently discussed proposal needs to be properly assessed against the background of potential risks and challenges. Given the willingness of the russian occupiers to continue their staged provocations we should find an efficient way to ensure both the safety of the IAEA experts and their immunity from the russian manipulations.

Ukraine is ready for immediate substantive consultations with the IAEA on the issue of modalities of the Agency`s continuous presence at the ZNPP with a view to stabilize the critical situation at the facility and avoid further aggravation.

As President Zelenskyy has said tonight in his video address to the nation less than an hour ago and I quote “Director General Grossi's proposal to create a nuclear safety and security protection zone - we need to look at the specific content of such an instrument, what does it mean exactly the protection. If the content of this proposal envisages the de-militarization of the territory of the NPP, which is logical, since it was the russian military presence that put the ZNPP under the threat of a radiation disaster, then we can support such a demilitarized protection zone. In any case, it is clear that modern international organizations will need a much broader mandate for their actions. I believe, said the President, that the world not only deserves, but needs the representatives of the IAEA to force russia to demilitarize the territory of the NPP and return full control over the plant to Ukraine”.

We take note of the IAEA recommendation to establish a protection zone “to prevent a nuclear accident arising from physical damage caused by military means”. In our turn, we are ready for consultations on the matter if implementation of this initiative entails de-militarization and de-occupation of the ZNPP.

We reconfirm that under no circumstances has Ukraine ever resorted to forceful military actions in relation to the ZNPP, which would endanger not only our own state but also millions of lives in the neighboring countries.

Mr. President

Yesterday, due to Russian provocative shelling, the last power transmission line that connected the station to the energy system of Ukraine was damaged. Again - this is the second time - due to Russian provocation, the Zaporizhzhia station was one step away from a nuclear disaster.

As President Zelenskyy said yesterday in his statement “we consider the fact that Russia is doing this right now, right on the eve of the IAEA conclusions, very eloquent. The shelling of the territory of the ZNPP means that the terrorist state does not care what the IAEA says, it does not care what the international community decides. Russia only wants the situation to remain the worst for the longest time.

This can be corrected only by strengthening sanctions, only by officially recognizing Russia as a terrorist state - at all levels.

Ukraine has a very clear, transparent and honest position: while we controlled the station, there was no threat of a radiation disaster. As soon as Russia came, the worst-case scenario immediately became possible. This requires an international response - from the UN to every normal state. [end of quote]

And let me reiterate: the main outcome of the joint international efforts must be withdrawal of the russian military and civilian personnel from the ZNPP territory, as well as from Enerhodar. This will definitely bring the plant to its safe and secure operation, as it was before the full-fledged russian war against Ukraine.

As stated in the IAEA report, “the current situation is untenable and the best action to ensure the safety and security of Ukraine’s nuclear facilities and its people would be for this armed conflict to end now”.

Thank you.