Виступ Першої заступниці Міністра закордонних справ України Еміне Джапарової на 21-й сесії Постійного форуму ООН з корінних народів

Виступ Першої заступниці Міністра закордонних справ України Еміне Джапарової на 21-й сесії Постійного форуму ООН з корінних народів

Mr. Chair,

Dear brothers and sisters, colleagues and partners,

As a representative of native Crimean Tatar people and foreign deputy minister of Ukraine, I’m here with you today while my country is being shelled by Russian bombs.

Thousands of my compatriots have been killed, raped, tortured to death for 61 days of war.

For 8 years indigenous Crimean Tatar people suffer the occupation of their land - Crimea. We try to survive as we did for centuries despite deportations, ethnic cleanings, oppressions and prosecutions. And Ironically behind all these sufferings of my people was and is Russia and crimes of its regimes and tyrans. And now Crimean Tatars are fighting within the Ukrainian army with the world’s most famous tyran to have my country independent, sovereign and free.

According to the UNESCO Atlas of the World's Languages in Danger, Crimean Tatar language belongs to the severely endangered languages.

And I have no doubt that Russia wants to completely eliminate Crimean Tatar language and thus – our ethnicity, as we are the ones who physically destroy the false Russian narrative of Crimea being a native Russian land.

In addition to all that, the occupiers further ignore respective ruling of the International Court of Justice ordering Russia to lift the ban on Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people which is the highest representative and executive body of the Crimean Tatar people. Our leaders are either banned to entry Crimea or simply put behind bars, like my friend Nariman Dzhelial. He is in the prisone for 233 days just for nothing. He is the deputy head of Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people.

Despite all hardships of war and occupation, Ukraine stands firm to protect its people.

Ukrainian President Zelensky submitted the law to the Ukrainian parliament recognizing Crimean Tatars Karays and Krymchaks as indigenous people of Ukraine. This is something that we have been dreaming of for 30 years as a nation.

Recently The Government of Ukraine returned Crimean Tatar alphabet to the Latin that better suits the authenticity of the language.

Moreover, pursuant to the goals of International Decade of Indigenous Languages the Ukrainian Government adopted the Strategy for the development of the Crimean Tatar language for the period of 2022-2032.

It happened just few hours before the unprovoked invasion of Russia against my country started 24th of February.

Dear sisters and brothers.

My country is being burnt by Russian missiles, women and children raped and sold by Russian soldiers, representatives of indigenous peoples suffer tortures and persecution for their pro Ukrainian stand.

I thank all those who support us and pray for us in these difficult times from the bottom of my heart. Friends in need are friends indeed.

Sag olynuz! Дякую!