Виступ делегації України на дебатах РБ ООН щодо діяльності Місії ООН на Гаїті

Виступ делегації України на дебатах РБ ООН щодо діяльності Місії ООН на Гаїті

Mister President,

I would like to thank Special Representative and Head of the United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti Sandra Honoré for her briefing.

In just a few days MINUJUSTH takes over MINUSTAH. Thіs will testify both to the successful completion MINUSTAH´s mandate and our readiness to move towards to a new form of the UN presence in country — more adapted to the needs and conditions on the ground.

We would like to especially commend the important role MINUSTAH has played in ensuring stability and security during particularly difficult times for Haiti, such as aftermath of the devastating earthquake of 2010. The Mission was also there assisting Haitians in arranging the last elections or providing urgent aid after hurricane Matthew. Its contribution to strengthening the capacity of state institutions, in particular the Haitian National Police (HNP), is second to none.

In this light Ukraine pays special tribute to all brave men and women who have served in the Mission in the last 13 years.

We are pleased that the country has overcame numerous challenges and difficulties and returned to the constitutional order based on the will of voters.
At the same time, as the Secretary-General rightly stated in his recent report, the country should waste no time in making full use of the current window of opportunity.
It is critical to advance dialogue between all political stakeholders to ensure stability and security as well as further democratic consolidation.

We fully support the Government´s calls for a broader unity as a prerequisite to move forward reform process, guarantee respect for human rights, combat criminality, sexual and gender-based violence, put an end to impunity and provide accountability.

In this context MINUJUSTH should provide crucial support in advancing those important transformations and consolidating the progress achieved. We have full confidence that the new Mission will effectively deliver on the mandates tasks such as strengthening rule of law, further support and development of the HNP as well as engagement in human rights monitoring and reporting.
However, to guarantee the success of the Mission the commitment of Haitian authorities will be essential.

Mister President,

The recent SG´s report highlighted the gains made over the years in developing the capacity of the HNP. We welcome the adoption of the new strategic development plan of national police covering period up to 2021. At the same time, further prioritization of the HNP buildup is essential both for the Government and the UN´s new Mission.

Taking note of the Government´s decision to re-establish Armed Forces we share the idea that such an initiative should not affect work on the NHP development.

However, the police is only a single component of the justice sector that demands further reform, carefully balancing capacity development with enhanced civilian oversight.
Equally important are continued efforts of the international community, multilateral agencies, Haiti’s regional partners and individual states in supporting long-term security and development of Haiti.

Mister President,

We recognize that considerable national, regional and international efforts has been made in combating cholera. On 13 July, the General Assembly adopted the resolution “The new United Nations approach to cholera in Haiti”. Ukraine responded to the relevant Secretary-General’s call and contributed to the UN Haiti Cholera Response Multi-Partner Trust Fund.

We share the concerns about sexual exploitation and abuse related to the UN presence in Haiti, which were raised during the Council’s visit to this country last June. Having signed last month with Secretary-General the relevant voluntary Compact, Ukraine is strongly committed to the zero tolerance towards sexual exploitation and abuse for all peacekeepers and UN staff, uniformed as well as civilian.

To conclude, Mr. President,

No progress could have been achieved without a strong will of the Haitian people. While facing many political, economic and social challenges, as well as creeping natural disasters, they have demonstrated remarkable resilience in rebuilding the country despite all the odds.

Ukraine remains a committed partner of Haiti in its endeavor to move forward on the path to sustainable peace and development and to build “one Haiti for all Haitians” — as President Moise put it in his inauguration speech.

I thank you.