Коментар делегації України за підсумками ухвалення резолюції Ради Безпеки ООН 2371 щодо КНДР

Коментар делегації України за підсумками ухвалення резолюції Ради Безпеки ООН 2371 щодо КНДР

Explanation of vote

(5 August 2017)

Mr. President,

Ukraine welcomes the unanimous adoption of resolution 2371. We commend the efforts of those delegations who were involved in drafting and putting the text to the vote, with the strong leadership of the US.

North Korea’s advancing nuclear and ballistic missile programs is all but the most significant proliferation challenge of our time. Ukraine condemns in the strongest terms Pyongyang’s continuous illegal activities. Besides highly visible manifestations in the form of nuclear tests and missile launches, there is also an intricate system of sanctions evasion, to circumvent restrictions and prohibitions in place. Today’s resolution not only strengthens the already existing regime. It reinforces it with additional sectoral and targeted sanctions and clarifies some measures imposed by the Council earlier. It also unambiguously confirms the Council’s openness to dialogue on peaceful and diplomatic solution to the situation on the Korean Peninsula, and its intention to avoid affecting the North Korean population.

Ukraine has always been committed to effective multilateral actions against proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. Our collective decision today clearly demonstrates the Council’s consolidated and firm stance to respond decisively to the existing threat to the global non-proliferation regime. Furthermore, I wish to reiterate the key importance of prompt and comprehensive implementation of the respective Council’s resolutions by all Member States to make sanctions bear fruit. Joint actions at the global level are required to exclude the risk of further provocations, and curb rampant nuclear and missile ambitions of DPRK.

I thank you.