Виступ делегації України на засіданні РБ ООН щодо миротворчих операцій ООН

Виступ делегації України на засіданні РБ ООН щодо миротворчих операцій ООН

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Mr. President,

It is a common knowledge that these days the world is warranting more engagement of the United Nations in the area of peace and security. Sustainable de-escalation and progress in peaceful settlement and peacebuilding in most cases are not possible without a robust international security presence.

It is also an axiom that the Council has to craft each and every PKOs’ mandate carefully and update them accordingly based on the reliable and full information from the ground. In this regard, todays briefing has practical value and I would like to express my sincere gratitude to USG Jean-Pierre Lacroix and the Force Commanders for their valuable input.

Mr. President,

Among many potentials for improvement, I believe that the UN can benefit great deal from sophisticated technologies to assist its peace operations. Missing such opportunities means missing chances for peace, as has happened far too many times in the past.

In this regard, I would like to echo the point that was made at several Council’s consultations on UNDOF: using relevant sophisticated technologies by the Force remains one of priorities yet to be achieved. I note the intention of the Secretariat to explore options to deploy sense-and-warn technologies to the mission and would appreciate if the Council could be updated on the progress.

I would like to reiterate our position that UNDOF remains one of the important cornerstones of the long-term stability of the region. In this regard, I commend the efforts aimed at return and further consolidation of UNDOF presence in the area of separation.

Touching upon MINUSCA activities, as others in this Council, I believe that the United Nations peacekeeping presence in the CAR is more than vital in supporting efforts of country’s leadership directed at achieving peace and stability in this country.

Continuing presence and increasingly violent activity of armed groups leads to numerous casualties among civilians, deterioration of humanitarian situation in the CAR and raising the number of IDPs. As the Chair of the 2127 Committee, I’d like to express concern regarding information of the Panel of Experts about regular inflow of weapons and fighters to the CAR from neighboring states.

As previous speakers, I condemn all attacks and provocations against MINUSCA, including brutal killings of peacekeepers. These actions are unacceptable and may constitute a war crime.

Mr. President,

Liberia will soon mark 14 years of peace since the lengthy period of bloody civil war. The security situation in the country remains stable, the Government has demonstrated its ability to effectively ensure security on the ground. At this point the crucial task is timely transition from peacekeeping to effective UN peacebuilding measures.

I am looking forward to the country’s peaceful and democratic transition of power in October 2017. This should become a real milestone for the nation and success story for the UN. Ukraine is proud to be among those TCCs who have played a part in this success by actively contributing to the UN peacekeeping efforts in Liberia.

Ukrainian troops also continue to serve in MONUSCO, which mandate the Council has just recently updated. The mission has to pursue its force transformation process in order to become flexible, agile and mobile force that can adopt itself to the current challenges in the DRC. My delegation also supports prioritizing mission’s tasks on protection of civilians.

In conclusion, Mr. President, taking this opportunity on the eve of the International Day of the UN Peacekeepers I would like to join previous speakers in paying tribute to all blue helmets of the Organization.

I thank you.