Виступ делегації України на засіданні РБ ООН щодо ситуації в Сирії

Madame President,

Thank you for convening this session on the political track of the Syrian crisis in the Chamber.

Let me also thank the Special Representative De Mistura for his dedicated efforts and diligent approach as the deep waters of the complex Syria political situation become ever harder to navigate.

Madame President,

Today we are clearly at the down point with regards to the Syrian political situation. Following the latest two rounds of intra-Syrian talks in Geneva, I believe it is fair to say that unfortunately we have not seen the much desired progress on either of the “3+1” (three plus one) baskets. Be it political transition, constitution, elections or counter-terrorism – not much to be optimistic. The only achievement so far is that we have managed to get two delegations to Geneva. Why? The answer is obvious – it is lack of political will, particularly from the Syrian regime, to negotiate in full faith on the core issues. The stalled political process may set in motion a vast number of alternative scenarios that nobody will like.

It is natural that every actor in Syria has a wish-list. Yet, Damascus and its allies need to understand that a “my way or no way” kind of approach, the “ultimate victory” attitude will lead nowhere, prolong the crisis and feed the extremists. Damascus needs to understand one more thing - the international community has been crystal clear that the political solution is the only way out of the Syrian quagmire and the recipe for this solution has been out there long ago. Any progress on the political track would be unsustainable without a clear adherence to the word and spirit of the 2012 Geneva communique, 2254 Security Council Resolution, transparent and strictly scheduled political transition, and guidance of the UN.

Madame President,

We believe that Russia has all the means at its disposal to influence Damascus and its allied militias to reconsider their militaristic approach and start supporting political process and national reconciliation. For some reason, this influence has never been never employed for good. I remain convinced that unless serious pressure is applied on Damascus and accountability mechanism is established in Syria – we will not see any progress on the political track.

We are discouraged by the absence of real results from the Astana process and the ceasefire negotiated within its framework. One lesson to be learned from this bitter experience is that proliferation of negotiating platforms does not necessarily bear a fruit. It was a good try but it did not work. Now it is time to concentrate all efforts on the UN-led Geneva process and to make it work.

We therefore look forward to the resumption of the intra-Syrian talks in Geneva, hopefully in May. This will be high time for the Damascus and its allies to demonstrate a change. A change in mindset, in intentions and it attitude.

Thank you, Madame President.