Виступ делегації України на засіданні РБ ООН щодо Гаїті

Виступ делегації України на засіданні РБ ООН щодо Гаїті

Madam President,

I would like to thank Special Representative and Head of the United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH) Sandra Honoré for her briefing on the situation in the country.

Ukraine welcomes the fact that the long period of institutional instability that characterized the electoral process in Haiti is finally over.

We commend the Haitian authorities, in particular the Haitian Provisional Electoral Council and the Haitian National Police, on a positive step to restore democratic institutions. We welcome the renewal of the National Assembly, formation of a new government and adoption of governmental program built around priorities in security, justice, energy, education, health, agriculture and decentralization.

We congratulate the Haitian people who, while facing many political, economic and social challenges, have managed to bring the country back to constitutional order.

The full restoration of Haiti’s democratic institutions will help the country to move forward and to build “one Haiti for all Haitians”, as President Moïse stated in his inaugural speech.

We underline that the efforts of all political stakeholders should be focused on ensuring stability and security as crucial element for democratic consolidation.

All political forces and all sectors of the Haitian society should be actively engaged in this important endeavor. Broader unity is indispensable to achieve such goals as strengthening national human rights institutions as well as respect for human rights, combating criminality, sexual and gender-based violence, and putting an end to impunity and ensuring accountability.

The return to constitutional order should enable Haiti with the help of international community to address urgent socio-economic and humanitarian needs aggravated by cholera and Hurricane Matthew.

Madam President,

Ukraine commends the important role MINUSTAH played in ensuring stability and security in Haiti. Particularly important is its contribution to strengthening the capacity of the Haitian National Police.

We recognize that the recent Haitian elections have passed with few incidents, thanks largely to MINUSTAH, as well as the Haitian National Police and the Provisional Electoral Council.

While the security situation in this Caribbean country is not perfect, a solid progress has been made over the past few years.

That is why Ukraine welcomes SG’s recommendations concerning the MINUSTAH mandate. We share the opinion that time has come to end MINUSTAH’s mission and replace it with a reduced presence that will focus on strengthening rule of law institutions, supporting and developing national police and engaging in human rights monitoring, and reporting.

However, we should approach this decision with necessary responsibility and well-thought strategy of transition to avoid repetition of failures and missteps of the past.

We consider it essential to continue the work on strengthening the Haitian police. The recent SG´s report highlighted the gains made over the years in developing the capacity of the HNP. At the same time, further consolidation of those achievements is vital. In this context, we welcome the position of the new Government to make formation of a professional national defence force a top priority.

On the other hand, we would like to underline the necessity of continued efforts of the United Nations, other multilateral agencies, international and regional partners and individual UN Member States in supporting long-term security and development of Haiti.

Thank you.