Виступ делегації України з мотивів голосування щодо резолюції "Дії ООН задля боротьби із сексуальною експлуатацією та насильством"

Mr. President,

The Delegation of Ukraine aligns itself with the statement delivered by the Delegation of the European Union and would like to make a comment in its national capacity.

At the outset, my delegation welcomes the consensus that was reached by the delegations today, despite the limited timeframes to conduct negotiations.

Ukraine is convinced of the extreme importance of addressing the issue of sexual exploitation and abuse in a just, effective and timely manner.

As a contributor country, Ukraine re-affirms its determination to strictly implement a zero tolerance policy among its peacekeepers. We recognize our responsibility to strengthen the fight against sexual exploitation and abuse and create a system of accountability for perpetrators.

We also believe that apart from protecting the local population from sexual exploitation and abuse, it is also of particular importance that the UN policy on this track is focused on prioritizing the security and wellbeing of victims. In this regard, we commend that the issue of victims is on focus and duly tackled in this resolution.

We pay tribute to the Secretary-General for his efforts to implement the United Nations zero tolerance policy on sexual exploitation and abuse and welcome all planned activities on prevention, enforcement and remedial action, including support to victims.

My delegation strongly believes that the adopted document will serve as a clear political signal to all parties concerned for the urgent need to implement a more aggressive approach towards the UN policy on sexual exploitation and abuse.

I thank you.